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February 27, 2024

Streamlining Operations: Optimizing Load Management Through Freight Broker Software

Axle Team

Managing a single truckload of freight doesn’t sound all that difficult, but multiply that one shipment times 10. You’re simultaneously tracking all those loads moving from points A to B — and C to D and E to F. They’re all blurring together. It’s enough to make you dizzy. You need help focusing — and a way to find every detail about every load quickly. To succeed in the fast-paced freight brokerage world (and keep the room from spinning), you’ve got to be a skilled juggler — or work smart by employing innovative load management techniques utilizing innovative freight broker software.

🤹Load Management: A Freight Brokerage Chokepoint

Let’s focus on our juggler, armed with only a cellphone and an email account. He’s responsible for managing load after load, from booking to scheduling delivery appointments to tracking those shipments to drop-off and billing. It’s easy to drop the ball on just one stage of one truckload of freight. The freight brokerage rep then has to troubleshoot, taking his eyes off all the other loads and potentially causing all the balls in motion to fall.

Manual load management can easily lead to a rash of errors, shipment delivery delays, and operational inefficiencies — and result in a whole bunch of balls rolling under the freight broker’s desk.

According to Newtrul CEO Ed Stockman, it takes a freight brokerage roughly four to five times more employees to find a truck than it does to land a new customer.

“A freight broker spending a ton of money finding trucks and trying to service customers versus working to attract more customers encounters a big bottleneck when trying to grow their business,” the article said.

Axle Technologies can wrangle all those balls (i.e., tasks) from hundreds of sources into one place and help accelerate taking action on them, thus helping customers optimize their freight brokerage operations. Axle has made it our company’s mission to clear freight brokerage chokepoints and iron out kinks in the entire supply chain by building core infrastructure that enables innovative solutions. Axle’s suite of solutions leverages the latest technology to help customers harness the power of their data and, at the same time, form lasting customer relationships.

🚚Leveraging Freight Brokerage Software for Unparalleled Efficiency in Load Management

We help clients succeed by providing innovative, data-driven solutions to the most pressing challenges in the transportation space. Those solutions can revolutionize load management, reducing errors and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

With cutting-edge technology like Axle’s Beacon product, freight brokers can automate processes and gain real-time visibility, positioning them at the forefront of the dynamic logistics landscape and ensuring sustainable success.

Utilizing Beacon, freight brokers can rely on:

  • Integrated quoting for instant and accurate freight rates, load building, and appointment scheduling. Axle's integrated approach combines quoting and appointment scheduling, streamlining communication among freight brokers, shippers, and carriers. This integration minimizes errors in providing accurate quotes and ensures seamless coordination, reducing delays in the logistics workflow.
  • Real-time tracking and visibility, providing immediate load statuses. This transparency enables timely decision-making, reducing the chances of errors and enhancing the overall reliability of the logistics chain.
  • Appointment scheduling to set deliveries – and adjust them if necessary – seamlessly. This automation relieves a world of headaches for people in the office.
  • Smart replies, which promise enhanced customer engagement and thus a better customer experience.

🚨Have Beacon in Your Court to Win in Logistics

By automating load assignments, offering real-time tracking, and integrating quoting and scheduling, Beacon revolutionizes efficiency, minimizing errors and positioning brokers at the forefront of logistics evolution.

Beacon promises:

  • Efficiency redefined. Beacon automates all aspects of load management for significant time savings.
  • Collaborative communication. Seamless tools ensure effective communication with all stakeholders.
  • Rate quote revolution. Automated solutions provide quick and accurate rate quotes and load building.
  • Real-time visibility: Enhanced tracking provides constant updates for improved operational control.
  • Customer-centric approach. Strengthen customer relationships with advanced tools and insights.

Beacon can increase each operations rep’s capacity by 30–40%, reduce errors, and ultimately bolster customer relationships through its customized workflow automation software that plugs directly into the customer’s email and transportation management system. It uses artificial intelligence to help automate data entry, scheduling, and tracking — all absolutely essential for freight brokers to maintain and grow their businesses.

Beacon users go through emails 10 times faster with workflow automations specifically designed for logistics; scale up seamlessly; and cut costs per load.

Help brokerage reps regain their focus with Beacon. Schedule a demo today.

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