Core data tools for supply chain

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Integrated Sidebar

Intelligently see load info across platforms in one place

Track and Trace

Automate carrier and shipper status checks per SOPs

Smart Autoreplies

Improve customer response times with automated email replies

Load Building

Instantly input loads into your TMS and eliminate data entry


Scheduleand reschedule loads seamlessly across customers

Quick Quotes

Instantly respond with rate quotes for loads

Beacon simplies your logistics operations

Axle has the right solution for your needs

Axle Value
  • Universal API for 40+ ELD devices
  • Seamless fleet onboarding
  • UIs for fleet management
  • System of record
Transportation Management
  • Customizable, real-time fleet visibility
  • Proof-of-delivery validation
  • Real-time HOS events and availability
  • IFTA and other workflow automations
Fuel Cards
  • Real-time fuel-up detection
  • Fuel pump fraud detection
  • Transaction validation and logging
  • Real-time geofencing and webhooks
  • Proof-of-delivery validation
  • Payout automation
  • Fraud detection
  • Real-time geofencing and webhooks
  • Live safety event recording
  • Historical driving records and analytics
  • Driver records for premium optimization
  • Integrations with dashcams and ELDs
  • Load ¬†optimization
  • Route optimization
  • Proof-of-delivery validation
  • Real-time geofencing and webhooks

The future of transportation is built with Axle