September 11, 2023
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Ushering a New Age for Supply Chain and Logistics with Axle

Dhruv Gupta

Introducing Axle

At Axle, we’re building tools to break down the doors of data siloes within supply chain and logistics.

We began with an idea: the more a network of data can interact with each other, the more those within it benefit.

This expansion of network effects and simplification of data access helps usher in a new future for supply chains. In this future, carriers, brokers, and shippers come closer together with seamless communication. Carriers are armed with tools that let them focus on transport cargo. Brokers and shippers leverage data to be operationally efficient.

We’ve begun with building a data platform around ELDs, an integral data set that brings real-time visibility and structure to ground-level trucking. Our customers have been building incredible tools to simplify fleet management, ease the hoops that drivers have to jump through every day, and uncover novel data-driven insights and optimizations. Real-time and historical visibility helps our customers build unique experiences for carriers from fuel cards to load management to insurance.

To tackle the nuanced challenges in this space, we’re building data-driven automations to help put the tools that digital providers have in the hands of traditional businesses without forcing them to rewrite all of their operating procedures. We’ll take the basic workflows off their hands so they can focus on problem solving. We help operators focus on doing what they do best: running their business.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our journey thus far. Read more about this journey here.

The future of transportation is built with Axle!

Written by
Dhruv Gupta

The future of transportation is built with Axle